Free stuff you can get online

free samplesAlthough we all love a freebie, the high number of scams on the internet has made us wary of submitting any contact details in return for a supposed free offer. But the fact is, there are many companies who do offer free products at certain times. Many businesses offer genuine free samples after releasing a new product line. The only requirement to get such freebies is to remain updated about them. The best way to find out about the latest freebies is to regularly check websites that have information about all the best free offers. This post explains how to find awesome freebies before it is too late to be able to claim them.

How to Know about Freebie Offers

One should subscribe to websites that provide the latest deals related to freebies. When you subscribe, you will get notification emails when new free samples become available. This saves you from having to continuously check for updates. When you find good offers, remember to tell your friends. Telling each other about good offers means everyone has an advantage to get more freebies. Another good approach is to check actual company websites for offers. Although it is time consuming, you can find some really good deals this way. The type of items on offer as samples often include hair products, cosmetics and household cleaning items. Freebies are usually items that are easy to ship, like DVDs, quality pens or useful key rings. Some companies also give away expensive items from time to time.

How to Get the Freebies

Because it is a freebie, you obviously don’t have to pay anything. Usually you will just need to supply your contact details and name. In some cases, companies may ask for your opinion regarding the product later. If you do not want to share your original email with the companies, you can make a new mail for this purpose. This way your private email address will not get swamped with promotional mails. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is – so it is often better to stay away from these kinds of offers. If you see very expensive items being offered on freebie sites, it is advisable to check out the official company website before submitting your details. In some instances, you will see you have to email the offer to several friends before you are able to get the freebie.
With regards to samples; you won’t need to pay for the product. But sometimes you might have to pay shipping costs. So you need to calculate if after paying shipping, it is worth your while to receive the product. Another way to get free stuff is through loyalty and reward programs. With these types of programs, you are able to collect points which you can later exchange for freebies. Entering contests which offer expensive prizes are also a good idea. Finally, some offers require you to fill up surveys. Beware of these, and only complete surveys you find on official sites; as many of those who offer prizes for surveys never award the prize, and you will end up with your email inbox full with spam. I hope this post helped you to understand the different methods to get free stuff.